15 February: TEDxBrianza at Theatro.
The theme of the very first TEDxBrianza is “OPEN TO”.

Theatro, like Ted, believes in culture and innovation, which it promotes on a daily basis, investing in activities that put people at the forefront.

The programme for 15 February is dedicated to people who live in Brianza, an area that today, thanks to its blend of spirit and courage, can be considered the symbol of a cosmopolitan area that wants to break through territorial barriers using the power of ideas.

The tag line of Theatro – Meet, think, build – sums up the development of entrepreneurialism in Brianza - not just doing, but coming together, building a team with dialogue and ideas that can meet the challenges of tomorrow, with a spirit that is both open and generous. Like TEDXBrianza and Theatro.

The event is sold out. An alternative has been organised to be able to listen to the 9 speakers who will be on stage, streaming the event (first half from 17-19, second half from 20-22) at:
- Biblioteca Civica - Lissone, Piazza IV Novembre, 2
- Sala Civica Pertini - Osnago, Via delle Rimembranze, 3
- APS Pintupi - Verderio, Via A. Moro, 29


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