Building "approaches” 1/3. Site experiences.
Also this year the collaborations with Casabella Formazione, TEDxBrianza and the IUAV University of Venice are renewed.
The first appointment scheduled is the series of meetings organized by Theatro with Casabella Formazione and PVA entitled Building "approaches” 1/3. Site experiences. This year the programming is modeled with a tailoring cut on three significant projects in which some Theatro's companies actively participated with the aim of stimulating a reflection between designers and companies on the importance of synergy and constant confrontation, as a basis for generating Good Architecture.
On the first date the arch. Stefano Belingardi Clusoni, founder of BE.ST Belingardi Stefano, talks about the project "FRAME BUILDING", a redevelopment project studied with a global approach. 


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