Sports Facilities. Opportunities for urban regeneration, management and technological experimentation.
Wednesday, April 6, the event "Sports facilities. Opportunities for urban regeneration, management and technological experimentation." 

An event full of content and interventions organized in collaboration with Project CMR and Sportium, also in view of the Winter Olympics in Milan-Cortina in 2026. The speakers focused on sports infrastructure as new architecture - multi-service and always active - able to create a connection with the people and the city.

The meeting was attended by, among others, Massimo Roj, Managing Director of Project CMR; Emilio Faroldi, Prorector of the Politecnico di Milano and Director of the Master in Sport Design and Management; Luigi Ludovici, Vice President of LegaPro, intervened on the strategic plan of development of the sporting infrastructures and the opportunities of the PNRR, and Riccardo Turri, Managing Director of Starpool to talk with the cross-country skier Federico Pellegrino, silver medal winner at the last Beijing Olympics in the Sprint test. 


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