The Importance of Being an Architect.
The importance of being an architect, the documentary by MYBOSSWAS, written and directed by Giorgio Ferrero and Federico Biasin, photography director, reflects on the role of architecture in contemporary society through the gaze and words of Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, co-founders of the ACPV studio.
The film was screened at Theatro on March the 2nd, during which the special guests, - Patricia Viel, Claudio Raviolo, ACPV partner, director Giorgio Ferrero and Roberto Bosi (architecture experts)- recounted its genesis and intent.
The documentary, created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Antonio Citterio, the 50th anniversary of the designer, the 20th anniversary of the studio, is a collective reflection on the role of the architect and architecture in contemporary and future society. Alternating dialogues with various personalities from the world of fashion, art, design, and investigating the architectures designed by ACPV, the viewer is accompanied in the world of study, where to be emphasized is above all the creative choral process. As Giorgio Ferrero confirmed during the evening at Theatro: "The goal was not to create perfect images and stories, but to make everything human, perceptible and transmit the life of the projects". And so music amplifies and contaminates the altruistic architecture of ACPV, strengthening the choral, personal, professional, human story that intertwines during the film.


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