What is Theatro?

Theatro is a hub where innovation, relationship and culture come together at the service of the designer.

It is an expression of a new way of collaborating to foster the development of high quality architectures. Synergy, from the earliest phases in the design process, for all players involved in the supply chain (designers, companies, investors and clients) is the key to saving time and resources, anticipating unforeseen events and creating quality architecture.

The real added value of Theatro is its commercial neutrality, which allows the space between designer and company to be bridged, not as a single company but as a group, to study and implement integrated all-round solutions.

Theatro operates nationally and internationally, thanks to the know-how of its partner companies, at the service of the designer, free of charge.


Theatro as a meeting place for people.


Theatro as a space for thought, design and development.


Theatro as an opportunity to build relationships and projects together.

The Theatro Network

Theatro coordinates a network of 28 leading companies in the building envelope, plant engineering, wellness & outdoor and interior design sectors.

By specialising in intervention clusters – specialised working groups – that intervene in different areas and at different stages of the supply chain to analyse and provide interconnected solutions.

Through integrated project management, it simplifies and optimises the designer’s work by reducing time, risks and costs.

In addition to this, there is a unique place that accommodates work and technical development spaces available to the designer.


Leading companies


Themed clusters


Unique direction


Opportunities for the designers

By assisting in the management of those processes that weigh down the job, without intervening in the creative part that remains the work of the author.

  • Analysis and definition of project objectiveso
  • Planning the work of the partners according to the objectives to be achieved
  • Task assignment

Through the single, centralised and coordinated management of activities.

  • Coordination of workflows
  • Collection and monitoring of quotations and technical details
  • Support for professionals and technical advisors, from design to the construction site
  • Ensuring the efficiency and quality of the design process

Promoting an integrated approach devoted to problem solving, with which it is able to simplify processes.

  • Skill Sharing
  • Constant monitoring of project progress in all its phases
  • Forecasting time, costs and possible critical issues
  • Quality assurance on all proposals received

Developing new, cutting-edge technical solutions through direct collaboration between network companies and professionals.

  • Analysis of results
  • Guaranteed constant updates on innovative technologies and materials

Through an established, planned and structured communication system on different online and offline channels.

  • Training conferences for designers (with award of training credits)
  • Collaborations with trade journals (editorials)
  • Personal networking opportunities
  • Participation in scheduled industry events
  • Promotion on Theatro channels

Come and discover Theatro.