Theatro is a network open to meetings that promote culture and design.

Theatro was established after its two co-founders, Thema and Schüco Italia, had a light-bulb moment. They realised that architects and clients often need coordinated support during the project implementation phase.

That’s why Theatro offers a project management service dedicated to bringing together the right skills and exploring potential opportunities, so that you can find the solution that works best for you, allowing truly excellent projects to come to fruition.
Theatro’s DNA
At Theatro,
design culture, professionals
and the very best brands come together.

About us

"The Theatro project has achieved a complex and innovative profile by transforming itself into a business network at the service of project activities."
"Theatro, an international network of 21 brands dedicated to the world of architecture."
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"The integrated management of the project, the sharing of skills and the vocation for innovation make Theatro's approach unique, with the ultimate goal of simplifying and optimising the work.
Theatro combines training, research, products and solutions in a single place which accommodates work and thought spaces, available to the customer and the designer."
"Theatro is a multifaceted system dedicated to the world of architecture, conceived to create design, culture and business."
"A network of values. Theatro has been created precisely with the aim of fostering dialogue with sector professionals in a network of 21 companies specialized in the production of articles for architecture."
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"The dramatic headquarter functions as an organizational hub, as well as a place for exhibitions, training and events, above all in pursuir of optimized custom solutions with a systematic approach."
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"The Theatro companies have collaborated on Emergency's project for a paediatric surgery centre of excellence in Uganda, designed by RPBW and TAMassociati, in a synergic and coordinated manner in order to achieve the results required by principals and designers, in terms of performance and functionality."
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"Collaboration, between companies, architects, partners and people. Pragmatism, of those who persist in obtaining concrete results. Experimentation, to renew construction techniques."
"A cultural hub where training and culture events take place and innovations develop thanks to the sharing of know-how, knowledge and solutions."
"With the common aim of supporting good architecture and design culture, the companies belonging to the Theatro network have decided to team up and share know-how, knowledge and solutions capable of meeting the ever-changing technological, performance and regulatory developments in the construction industry."

a cultural
meeting hub.

Theatro,  a <b>cultural</b>  <b>meeting</b> hub.
Theatro invests in the field of training and research, because quality design is vital when it comes to harnessing the very best that architecture has to offer.

Theatro invests in the field of training and research, because quality design is vital when it comes to harnessing the very best that architecture has to offer.

It’s precisely for this reason that Theatro was founded as a versatile meeting place, where people can share culture, experiences and skills.



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