Network companies

Partner companies operate through intervention clusters – specialised working groups that intervene in different areas and at different stages of the supply chain – to respond effectively to the needs and expectations of designers, analysing and providing integrated and interconnected solutions.

Building envelope

Planning and creation of tailor-made solutions that meet acoustic, design and thermal envelope requirements. Window frames, curtain and ventilated façades, carpentry and metal construction, as well as shading systems, green roofs and access points.


Integrated design of mechanical, electrical and safety systems, with a focus on sustainability and energy saving to improve people's well-being inside buildings.

Outdoor & wellness

Enhancing people's well-being in the places where they work, live or spend their leisure time. Outdoor structures and furniture, swimming pools, spas and green spaces.

Interior design

Completing the design and styling by combining innovation, technology, practical use and living comfort of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Institutional Partner

Supporting Theatro and networking together.

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