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At Starpool, we have been designing and implementing wellness solutions since 1975.

We have created an innovative wellness concept with spaces and paths dedicated to health, beauty and self-care. We know how to find the right answer to the need to feel good and fit, with quality products and customised designs for the specific needs of individuals and traders.
Professional, innovative and technological wellness spaces, sustainably designed and capable of providing all the benefits of a wellness experience. We study the best combination of products for each customer, according to their objectives, ensuring optimisation of space and economic resources. We work side by side with companies and operators in the hospitality, health, sports, beauty and self-care sectors, so that they can create advantageous, stand-out wellness services.
We are located in the heart of Val di Fiemme, at the foot of the Dolomites, and it is from this extraordinary territory that we draw inspiration for our work every day. It is here that we discuss and realise wellness solutions every day, to promote a better quality of life for people. Because making people feel better is all we want.