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Rinascente Roma.
It is going on the redevelopment of the Rinascente in Piazza Fiume in Rome by Franco Albini and Franca Helg.
Sports Facilities. Opportunities for urban regeneration, management and technological experimentation.
Wednesday, April 6, the event "Sports facilities. Opportunities for urban regeneration, management and technological experimentation."
The Importance of Being an Architect.
The importance of being an architec reflects on the role of architecture in contemporary society.
Ted Circle 2.
During the last TED Circle the theme of Environmental sustainability was discussed with a selected group of designers and the partners Schneider Electric and Florim Ceramiche.
INSIDERS is the new Theatro’s newsletter.
Pratic, the new partner.
A new partner joins the Theatro network, which now has 26 companies: it is Pratic.
Networking. Architecture as a collective expression.
On October 19th, Theatro welcomed the second round of "Theatro-Iuav round trip".
Duravit, Theatro’s new partner.
We welcome a new partner joining the Theatro network: Duravit, a designer bathroom manufacturer and international leader.
Building "approaches” 3/3. Site experiences.
The redevelopment of Rinascente of Piazza Fiume in Rome by Franco Albini and Franca Helg is an ambitious project, involving important names of contemporary architecture.
Milano Design Week.
In September, Milan resumed its role as the international capital of design.
Emhealia, Theatro’s new partner.
Theatro welcomes Emhealia, a new partner company that produces Kairos, the holistic sanitization technology.
Realization mock-up.
Theatro is at the disposal of the designers to support them in the coordination of the design and in the realisation of samples also in 1:1 scale, built in its backstage.
IUAV/Theatro Round Trip.
The origins of the Theatro concept and some success case histories told by the Architect Marco Amosso - Partner/Director L22 Urban&Building.
Vertical Waves Project!
The performance of Vertical Waves Project welcomed the guests of TedXBrianza to Theatro.
TEDxBrianza at Theatro.
Great success for the second edition - between public in presence and in distance - of TedXBrianza.
Children's Surgical Hospital in Entebbe.
The works are finished and the Pediatric Surgery Center of EMERGENCY in Uganda has finally opened, welcoming the first patients.
June 12: TEDxBrianza in Theatro.
Also this year Theatro renews the partnership with TEDxBrianza and on June 12th we will host the annual event.
Ted Circle.
The principles of building better cities.
Building "approaches” 2/3. Site experiences.
Great success for the second round of the cycle «Building "approaches” 2/3. Site experiences», with a participation of about 700 designers.
New partners.
Theatro welcomes two new partners, who add additional expertise and professionalism to our network.
Grand Hotel Victoria.
Last Friday, the historic Grand Hotel Victoria was inaugurated in Menaggio, on Lake Como.
Building "approaches” 1/3. Site experiences.
Also this year the collaborations with Casabella Formazione, TEDxBrianza and the IUAV University of Venice are renewed.
Young talents of Italian architecture.
On September 22 at 6 pm concludes the cycle organized by Theatro with Casabella Training and in collaboration with W.A.VE 2020 of IUAV.
New logic of dissemination and participation.
For a few weeks, our spaces were as if suspended and silent.
In the new post-Covid scenario, the need arose to address and integrate new issues in order to offer unprecedented paradigms and a renewed business vision, while maintaining a high level of cultural and educational offer.
#WeAreBack #Staysafe
We are happy to announce the reopening of Theatro in accordance with the Ministerial Decree issued on 26th April.
Theatro alongside designers.
Design is the most strategic activity for architects in these weeks, during which they have time and opportunity to be able to "dream and imagine" their future plans.
Daily inspirations for the Theatro community.
Building the future is accelerated by this emergency: a more conscious use of technology, of course. But also a shared desire to ponder and analyse thanks to the projects and ideas that are sprouting spontaneously on the web.
An uninterrupted flow of emotions and positive energy.
We experienced it together at Theatro, on 15 February, during the day dedicated to TEDXBrianza, which was an unprecedented success.
Aware of the inconvenience that this situation is creating on a personal and operational level, we are confident that we can count on the active and widespread collaboration to protect the right to health of all of us, our collaborators and family members and the entire community of Theatro.

Theatro grows with Fontanot.
A new entry into the increasingly rich and varied network of Theatro: Fontanot, a European leading brand in the staircase industry, joins as a supporter company.

15 February: TEDxBrianza at Theatro.
The theme of the very first TEDxBrianza is “OPEN TO”.
First edition of TEDxBrianza at Theatro.
A brand new event with a positive, stimulating message, dedicated to a wider public.
Comfort and Architecture with Casabella Formazione.
The Comfort and Architecture cycle organised by Theatro and Casabella Formazione has come to an end.
New Air.
The works for the construction of the external veranda have been completed.
Siza antes do Siza a Porto.
The “Siza antes do Siza” show, organised by Casabella during Milan Design Week 2019 and promoted and supported by Theatro will be moving to the Casa da Arquitectura – Centro Português Arquitectura in Porto in what is currently an exciting time for Portuguese architecture.
"Work" with Casabella Formazione.
6 November sees the end of the Comfort and Architecture cycle: project culture, environmental quality, and perception of space, organised by Federico Tranfa and Roberto Bosi.
International Prize for Commissioning a Building.
Behind every great architect is always a great customer, with the awareness, taste, initiative and of course, the funds to allow the professional architect to express his or her best and so that the project can be and become a useful, eye-catching, functional building.
"Community" with Casabella Formazione.
9 October will see another date with Casabella Formazione for the Comfort and Architecture cycle: project culture, environmental quality, and perception of space, organised by Federico Tranfa and Roberto Bosi.
New mock up area.
The new mock up area has been officially inaugurated, the space in which ideas take shape thanks to the ability to create, test and touch samples and design ideas.
Dedalo Minosse.
September 21 saw the awards ceremony for the XI Dedalo Minosse International Prize for Commissioning a Building, held at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. At the same time, an exhibition of the selected works was inaugurated at the Palladio Basilica, where it will be open until 6 October 2019.
26 September is almost here.
As you know, this is an important day for us, with the celebration of a rich, stimulating journey that sees us protagonists every day.
Theatro widens its spaces.
The works for the construction of the external veranda are nearly completed.
26 September will be a big day for Theatro.
Mario Botta. The Space Beyond...
…and beyond even the optimistic expectations.
Excellence as an act of creative resistance: the challenge of EMERGENCY in Uganda.
Theatro's first large-scale international project is the Paediatric Surgery Centre of Excellence in Entebbe, Uganda, to be inaugurated by EMERGENCY at the end of 2019.
A Welcome in the eyes of the firm Ortalli Verrier.
Design questions and attention to the mindsets of architecture.
Mario Botta. The Space Beyond.
The magic of the big screen returns to Theatro, where we will be showing the Italian première of a documentary film.
Theatro with EMERGENCY and Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
A preview of EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Surgery Centre of Excellence in Entebbe, Uganda.
Siza antes do Siza. Álvaro Siza l’opera prima.
Theatro is participating in Siza antes do Siza. Álvaro Siza l’opera prima, an exhibition curated by Massimo Curzi at the CASABELLA workshop.
Theatro changes and evolves.
From a pure exhibition space, Theatro is now a network of companies, an incubator of energy, productivity, design.


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