Via F. Petrarca, 20 - Verano Brianza




Theatro organized in collaboration with simple flair, the workshop “INSTAGRAM X ARCHITECTS”

25 May 2022
Registration at 2.30 pm
Workshop at 15.00 | 19.00
Cocktail to follow

c/o Theatro
Via Petrarca, 20 – Verano Brianza (MB)

What is digital communication?
How to use digital tools effectively in the world of architecture?
How to reconcile technique and aesthetics within a platform like Instagram?
These are the questions that we will answer during INSTAGRAM X ARCHITECTS, the concept developed by simple flair with which Theatro has collaborated for some time, which fits within a specific and vertical area such as architecture. The workshop will be developed by chapters and macroareas of content: introduction to the digital mindset and in-depth analysis of Instagram as a communication tool, with the explanation of all its elements. And it will also include exclusive content: the “simple formula”, the strategy developed by simple flair to be able to combine technique and aesthetics within a platform like Instagram, in a vertical way for the architecture industry.

The aim of the workshop is to allow participants to increase their knowledge of the tool; to learn notions and analyze case studies; to develop in a pragmatic way the ability to manage Instagram to make the most of its potential; to intercept new contacts and make their projects known; to develop their own strategy and content plan.

The day ended with a moment of networking by Theatro.

Who is simple flair?
Simple flair, a creative studio that develops consulting and produces strategies for the design industry, with a digitally oriented approach since 2010.
Founded by Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna, it develops and produces innovative solutions with a contemporary aesthetic to stand out in the digital age.
It offers consultancy services, develops creative and digital strategies for the design sector: in particular, it focuses on the digitalization processes of industry companies, from creative direction to content production, and promotes a simple value system, creative, empathetic, informal, positive.