The Importance of Being an Architect.




Via F. Petrarca, 20 - Verano Brianza

The Importance of Being an Architect.

Cinema in Theatro
“The Importance of Being an Architect”

March, 2nd 2022
Registration 17.45
Documentary screening and round table at 18.00 | 20.00
Cocktail to follow

A Theatro, the screening of the film: “The Importance of Being an Architect”, a mybosswas production, by Giorgio Ferrero and Federico Biasin. A documentary film about the studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV), conceived as a virtual dialogue and musical journey in four acts, which investigates the responsibility of architects in the construction of tomorrow’s society.

What will be the role of architecture in the society of the future? And how to manage the challenges of an increasingly urgent climate crisis? These are the central themes of the documentary, analyzed by the architects protagonists Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel in a choral journey together with some of the most representative figures of the contemporary cultural scene, from fashion, art, to design.

At the end of the film, Patricia Viel, co-founder of the studio ACPV and Claudio Raviolo, partners of the studio, together with Giorgio Ferrero, one of the producer of the film, will discuss and reflect on the ideas emerging from the film, offering suggestions and considerations on the importance of being an architect in the society of the future.

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For this event, ProViaggiArchitettura has obtained from the CNAPPC the recognition of 2 professional training credits for Architects.

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