W.A.We. 2020, post covid scenarios 1-3


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W.A.We. 2020, post covid scenarios 1-3

W.A.Ve. 2020, the nineteenth in the series of successful architecture workshops at the IUAV University in Venice, this year sees the participation of Theatro, in partnership with Casabella Formazione.
W.A.Ve. is an important educational activity for students from all over the world. This year in particular, it is structured as a collective online laboratory to take up the challenge of the topic on the agenda: the epidemic and the consequent way of thinking, acting, living and designing spaces.

From 6 pm, Theatro and its partners take part in three digital meetings with three international architects, Colombian, Spanish and Italian:- on 7th July Giancarlo Mazzanti – El Equipo Mazzanti
– on 21 July Angela Paredes – Paredes Pedrosa
– on 22 September Alberto Bottero e Simona Della Rocca – BDR Bureau

The three Theatro conferences are part of the range of courses for students: a great potential for visibility therefore also in relation to a target of future architects. Once again the workshop will demonstrate how architecture is a tool to understand as well as to improve the world. To register, fill out the form; you will subsequently receive a confirmation email with the link to book your seat in the webinar room. You must book your seat in the conference hall.