The first curator of Insiders: Federica Sala

Today we are just at the beginning of a new artistic era, that of digital art, which is finally beginning to be told and translated into practice, thus becoming more comprehensible in its own way, and expanding to a wider audience.
The first three editions of Insiders were inspired by Federica Sala, an independent curator and design advisor who works with museum institutions, private foundations, historical archives, companies, designers, and magazines to conceive, develop and produce content related to the world of art and design.
The first curator shared some thoughts on the dichotomy between art and science, the development of NFT in art and creative fields, and the close connection between tourism and architecture.

Theatro as a place for experimentation.

The new mock up area has been officially inaugurated: a space in which ideas take shape, thanks to the ability to create, test and touch samples and design ideas. The Backstage space completes Theatro’s identity. Conceived from the beginning as a creative laboratory inspired by a shared design, it is also a place in which to experiment and innovate products and solutions.