The second curator of Insiders: Riccardo Crenna

Here’s the pivotal point: digital permeates everything and only when its leverage pivots on corporate (or professional in the case of an individual) DNA can it bear fruit.
In the following three monthly editions of Insiders, Riccardo Crenna – who, with Simona Flacco, is co-founder of Simple Flair and Riviera and creative director of the new furnishing brand Vero – has explored the different nuances of the word digital. How can a designer benefit from digital? Crenna provided Theatro readers with opinions, suggestions, tips on digital and communication for the design project world.
The definition of digital mindset is followed by a focus on tools, content, and strategies and Instagram, a social media that exemplifies the typical application of a classic digital growth and positioning strategy.


Integrated design at the service of good architecture: these are the cornerstones shared by Florim and Schüco Italia. Leading brands in their respective fields – building envelope and ceramic surfaces – the two companies engaged in a dialogue at Theatro that led them to develop an integrated project together. Design2Curtain is an aluminium framed façade solution, characterised by fixed and openable concealed elements, which allows glass and porcelain stoneware slabs to be placed side by side.