Green Cities: the 15-minute city and the case study of Medellín.

City-workshop: at Theatro, on 24 October 2022, the guests were Carlos Moreno, creator of the 15-Minute City concept, and Jorge Pérez-Jaramillo, Colombian architect, urban planner and university professor, who engaged those present with the lecture ‘Medellín. Regeneration of the incomplete city’. The Colombian city case study tells of South American intensity and speed, very different from European ones. The growth of the city, founded in an area of water, flood plains and mountains, has characteristics that deserve to be known, with all of its opportunities, challenges and difficulties. Jorge Pérez-Jaramillo’s lesson reminds us that it is possible to dream, and it is necessary to act. Moreno’s reflection also invites multiple questions, such as in which city would we like to live? How does the city respond to people’s needs? What elements are needed to achieve a good quality of life, regardless of the density of the area we live in? These are complex issues that need to be talked about because they affect everyone. Carlos Moreno was inspired by Elinor Ostram, Nobel Prize winner for economics in 2009, who explained the concept of the common good based on a polycentric vision based on ecology, proximity, solidarity and empowerment.
A great little lesson to seed in any project.

Theatro's social commitment to TOG.

Theatro actively supports the new TOG centre, which has been offering free treatment and rehabilitation to children with complex neurological disorders since 2011. This heartfelt collaboration works on two parallel levels: through strategic and technical advice to planners and owners, and also through fundraising. Theatro’s commitment is focused on the collection needed to set up a room to provide mental support and a friendly area for families, one of the many manifestations of TOG’s care and concern for young patients and their loved ones. The support service is essential to help parents and caregivers with the existential and emotional fatigue that they undergo. In the new centre, special attention will also be paid to the siblings of the children looked after in TOG.