Domus: The value of history and archives for the design world.

A Domus article talks in detail about the renovation project of Rinascente in Piazza Fiume, Rome. The description of the recent intervention by Studio 2050+ in conjunction with Theatro, is accompanied by an extract from Domus 389, published in April 1962, where Gio Ponti presents the work of Albini and Helg as a modern design project, not so far from the logic of industrial design, “a unitary expression that defines architecture as a form of civilisation, on a cultural, social and technological level”. It is in the interpenetration of these floors that Ponti interprets the expert skills of the two architects in this building, which 2050+ has revealed in an archaeological operation between the archive and the body of the architecture.

From reading to podcasts, and paper to voice.

Also using stories to communicate in architecture. Maria Chiara Virgili, architect by training and author of the podcast Damned Architects, talked about how projects should follow the principles of narrative and communication to become memorable. The goal is to create exciting stories that engage the potential customer and generate a condition of trust.
In dialogue with Alvar Altissimo, he tackled some hot topics in architecture with a touch of irony, from Tom Wolfe’s From Bauhaus to Our House to The Simpsons. Because for Maria Chiara Virgili, good stories are never boring, but inspiring and at times, amusing.