The fifth curator of Insiders: Maria Chiara Virgili

After the advice of Federica Sala, Riccardo Crenna, Marcello Mariana and Silvia Lugari, Insiders returns to be a practical, essential and effective training tool dedicated to communication in architecture. Maria Chiara Virgili, author of the podcast Dannati Architetti, already guest of Theatro together with Alvar Altissimo, shares with us tips and tricks of the trade on three types of content: pages and web articles in key SEO, podcasts and, finally, the widespread format on social networks of the short video.

The fourth curator of Insiders: Silvia Lugari

This is what travelling is all about, letting our whole selves become completely immersed in our surroundings. A total and all-embracing experience, the only one that allows you to truly understand a society, a history, a place. And of course, the architecture.
After the words of a cultural curator, a digital expert and a photographer, Insiders’ perspective is widening to include the dimension of travel. The first three editions for 2023 are curated by traveller and trained architect Silvia Lugari. She organises trips and cultural events around architectural themes. She collaborates with Casabella training casabella1928 and proviaggiarchitettura for which she organises national and international conferences, exhibitions, trips and workshops. She writes and contributes to artribune and professionearchitetto. Lugari’s articles are genuine invitations to travel, not only in spiritual or cultural terms, they are also curious, cultured, passionate, and full of many practical tips. Specifically, in each of the three newsletters, she will be sharing five tips for a good architectural journey.

The third curator of Insiders: Marcello Mariana

When I enter a room, I observe how the light falls and draws the setting, and I try to capture that. And if the time is not right, I listen and wait. In the end, photography is really a very simple concept.
After Federica Sala’s suggestions and Riccardo Crenna’s practical advice on the use of social media, the next three Insiders newsletters looked at architecture from the perspective of photography. A founding theme outlined for Theatro by photographer Marcello Mariana with his passionate, curious and low-profile attitude through three nuclei of meaning: light in the construction and representation of space, the use and interpretation of living elements within architectural photography, and finally, a reflection on the return of analogue photography in a world now fully converted to digital.

The second curator of Insiders: Riccardo Crenna

Here’s the pivotal point: digital permeates everything and only when its leverage pivots on corporate (or professional in the case of an individual) DNA can it bear fruit.
In the following three monthly editions of Insiders, Riccardo Crenna – who, with Simona Flacco, is co-founder of Simple Flair and Riviera and creative director of the new furnishing brand Vero – has explored the different nuances of the word digital. How can a designer benefit from digital? Crenna provided Theatro readers with opinions, suggestions, tips on digital and communication for the design project world.
The definition of digital mindset is followed by a focus on tools, content, and strategies and Instagram, a social media that exemplifies the typical application of a classic digital growth and positioning strategy.

The first curator of Insiders: Federica Sala

Today we are just at the beginning of a new artistic era, that of digital art, which is finally beginning to be told and translated into practice, thus becoming more comprehensible in its own way, and expanding to a wider audience.
The first three editions of Insiders were inspired by Federica Sala, an independent curator and design advisor who works with museum institutions, private foundations, historical archives, companies, designers, and magazines to conceive, develop and produce content related to the world of art and design.
The first curator shared some thoughts on the dichotomy between art and science, the development of NFT in art and creative fields, and the close connection between tourism and architecture.

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