Partner meeting 2024

An overview of the past year to look at the future with greater awareness.

On Friday, in the space of Theatro, there was the annual meeting between all the partner companies of the Network.
During the meeting, the strategy was the protagonist, giving life to innovative ideas and approaches that will guide Theatro towards the future.

In addition to the interventions of the new companies recently entered the Network, on stage, we had the honor of hosting the architect Federico Pella, founder of the J+S studio, which shared the added value that Theatro brings to design studies by telling some examples of the relationship established for some time and emphasizing the importance of bringing together a wide variety of companies in a single space.

Theatro is ready to live to the full this 2024.

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Visiting Theatro, the brands of Italian architecture

Theatro is increasingly consolidating itself as a reference point for the world of design. A fundamental component of this process is the constant strengthening of relations with renowned Italian architecture studios. We recently welcomed the visit of a group of designers from Park Associati and the architecture and engineering company J+S chose Theatro to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
On 15 September we had fifteen designers of the multidisciplinary studio Stefano Boeri Interiors with the aim of deepening the knowledge of all the potential put in field by our network of some of the companies operating in the field of interior design.
On 3 October, finally, several partners of the network participated in the meeting with Marta Olivieri, Associate Partner & Innovation Manager of the Brescia studio DVision Architecture and managing director of ODUElab, the division specialized in the development of innovative and regenerative solutions for the well-being of people in balance with the built environment. As the designer explained, although we spend more than 90% of our lives inside buildings, we still care very little about how much what we build can affect our behavior, thoughts and emotions and how these can then affect our sociality, concentration and productivity.

China in Theatro.

Una testimonianza dell’approccio aziendale orientato all’internazionalizzazione e alla contaminazione. È questa l’essenza dell’incontro di venerdì 8 settembre organizzato dal partner San Marco Group con il suo marchio Novacolor che ha presentato la sinergia instaurata con interlocutori provenienti dal design e dal mercato cinese, fra cui il partner Guangdong Bardese Chemical Co., Ltd. Oltre all’introduzione della realtà di Theatro da parte di Alvise Dolcetta e al tour degli spazi di Verano Brianza, l’incontro si è sviluppato intorno alla presentazione dei colori per l’architettura di Novacolor e agli speech di alcuni protagonisti del progetto made in China. Presenti sul palco di Theatro Zheng Shaowen, vicepresidente della Chinese Architecture Academy, che ha presentato un excursus dei progetti Novacolor realizzati a Shantou, e l’architetto Joseph di Pasquale, molto legato alla Cina fin dal 2008, che ha raccontato il suo progetto più emblematico: il Guangzhou Circle, un ideogramma urbano, il più alto edificio circolare al mondo con uno spazio vuoto al centro, anch’esso perfettamente circolare, di 48 metri di diametro.

The Laboratory of the Future.

The International Architecture Exhibition 2023 at Venice Biennale, The Laboratory of the Future, curated by Lesley Lokko with a specific focus on the subjects of decolonisation and decarbonisation, is now open. Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, founder of Studio 2050+ with which Theatro collaborated in the project to redevelop Rinascente Rome, has been appointed president of the international jury that assigned the exhibition’s main awards, starting with a Golden Lion for Career Achievement to Nigerian artist, designer and architect, Demas Nwoko.
With regard to awards, the Rome project is up for the Italian Architecture Award, promoted by MAXXI and Triennale Milano which aims to showcase Italian architecture, through the promotion of works by designers who are either Italian or active in Italy, whose work is targeted at innovation, design quality, and the social role of architecture.

The annual meeting of Theatro partners.

Working together with the common goal of good architecture. The annual meeting with the partners and supporters who make up the network through which Theatro operates is always an opportunity to look back on the road travelled and above all, to share news, plans, intentions and common challenges. At times like these, the value of the network that Theatro has built up over the years becomes tangible: companies and people who are very different from each other united by a common goal of good architecture.

Theatro's social commitment to TOG.

Theatro actively supports the new TOG centre, which has been offering free treatment and rehabilitation to children with complex neurological disorders since 2011. This heartfelt collaboration works on two parallel levels: through strategic and technical advice to planners and owners, and also through fundraising. Theatro’s commitment is focused on the collection needed to set up a room to provide mental support and a friendly area for families, one of the many manifestations of TOG’s care and concern for young patients and their loved ones. The support service is essential to help parents and caregivers with the existential and emotional fatigue that they undergo. In the new centre, special attention will also be paid to the siblings of the children looked after in TOG.

Press day 2022 @Theatro.

Every day it is a point of pride to talk about Theatro’s vision and identity. Even more so if the ones looking at spaces through new eyes and sharing this discovery are journalists who are experts in architecture and design. On 23rd June 2022 they arrived in large numbers, all excited to have creation, achievements and goals revealed to them by Roberto Brovazzo, MD of Schüco Italia, Cristian Tegas, AD of Thema, and Alvise Dolcetta, director of Theatro. The occasion was the inauguration of The Build gallery, a tangible example of Theatro’s continuing research and development. The journalists then published various articles and opinion pieces. Among other things, Domus, Interni, and Il Foglio del Mobile talked about the project’s creation and potential for the rest of the world. Not only that, but the Corriere della Sera also wrote about it on its economy and business pages.

The Build Gallery

In 2022 the Theatro space in Verano Brianza was enriched with an important novelty: The Build gallery, a place to experiment with solutions capable of integrating design, technology and performance by discovering the mock-ups created by Theatro and its partners. Mock-ups are custom solutions, which integrate shell products and more, developed through calculations, research, continuous comparisons with architects, engineers, partner companies.
The prototypes of The Build gallery are the concrete evidence of the experiments designed to meet specific and complex needs, a tangible example of the continuous research and development carried out by Theatro.