What to learn from Milan? A reflection for designers and place makers.

In the space of Milan, Monday, June 26 on the occasion of the release of «Casabella» 946, June 2023, a meeting was held dedicated to the topicality of modern Milanese architecture, to the Milanese relational path between history and progress.
A city not as monumental as Milan, with a very dense fabric, has concentrated in its growth on the relevance of the background as an indispensable condition for the city. The choral quality of urban space is the result of a set of architectures, contemporary with each other or distant in time, that individually express their expressive energy but at the same time aspire, resonating together, to build an environmental unity.

Part of the CASABELLAlectures, the event moderated by Federico Tranfa was attended by Marco Biagi, professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Nicola Braghieri, associate professor at the EPFL of Lausanne, the designer and researcher Massimo Curzi and Angelo Lunati of Onsitestudio.

The designer, already a guest of Theatro, has indicated as fundamental the value of the relationship between things, rather than the value of things themselves. The special Milanese trajectory seems to be a powerful reference for the ability to provide an extraordinary laboratory built of urbanity and for the ability to still indicate the possibility of an antidogmatic and gentle way of modernity.