Press day 2022 @Theatro.

Every day it is a point of pride to talk about Theatro’s vision and identity. Even more so if the ones looking at spaces through new eyes and sharing this discovery are journalists who are experts in architecture and design. On 23rd June 2022 they arrived in large numbers, all excited to have creation, achievements and goals revealed to them by Roberto Brovazzo, MD of Schüco Italia, Cristian Tegas, AD of Thema, and Alvise Dolcetta, director of Theatro. The occasion was the inauguration of The Build gallery, a tangible example of Theatro’s continuing research and development. The journalists then published various articles and opinion pieces. Among other things, Domus, Interni, and Il Foglio del Mobile talked about the project’s creation and potential for the rest of the world. Not only that, but the Corriere della Sera also wrote about it on its economy and business pages.

The Build Gallery

In 2022 the Theatro space in Verano Brianza was enriched with an important novelty: The Build gallery, a place to experiment with solutions capable of integrating design, technology and performance by discovering the mock-ups created by Theatro and its partners. Mock-ups are custom solutions, which integrate shell products and more, developed through calculations, research, continuous comparisons with architects, engineers, partner companies.
The prototypes of The Build gallery are the concrete evidence of the experiments designed to meet specific and complex needs, a tangible example of the continuous research and development carried out by Theatro.

Beautiful or rather, scandalously beautiful architecture.

Great human interest stories within a flood of ideas, people, techniques and intelligence
are woven together in the Children’s Surgical Hospital project in Entebbe. A “polyphonic work”, that of the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, the centre of excellence for emergency paediatric surgery in Uganda, designed by RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop, TAMassociati and Emergency. A virtuous example of good architecture and co-design that brings together ethics and aesthetics, and the first international visibility project with the active participation of the network of companies that make up Theatro. The hospital, which is set in large tree-filled gardens, is ready to provide free treatment to children needing surgery from all over Africa. The building is constructed in rammed earth, a traditional technique using raw earth which helps to guarantee thermal inertia, able to maintain constant temperatures and moisture levels. For the Ugandan hospital project, it was essential to form an effective and efficient operational team. Theatro was part of this team, coordinating the skills of some of its partner companies, able to develop custom solutions and working to simplify the project without losing any of the quality or performance. Six firms with six specific areas of expertise, working together under the coordination of Theatro, made it possible to complete a project that designers and the principle have called a “polyphonic work”, in which ethics and aesthetics come together with the shared aim of “simplifying without compromising on the quality of the end result”. The synergy between stakeholders in the project, who share expertise and work in coordination towards the same result, under the direction of Theatro, is an example of how collaboration brings the affirmation of quality architecture into being.

Milan Design Week 2022

Atypical because it was scheduled in June, instead of the normal month of April, and heartfelt because it was the first post-Covid, Milan Design Week 2022 lived up to all the expectations of operators, professionals and onlookers. Theatro’s partner companies were among the co-protagonists, in the halls of the fair and the bustling streets of the city.