Cascina Ri-Nascita

Work started on the project “Ri-Nascita”, a new work with a social vocation for Theatro, which is participating in the rebirth of the Cascina Carpana, in the Valle della Vettabbia in Milan that will be redeveloped on the concept of CRA – Carlo Ratti Associati.

TOG openings!

We are busy with the finishing touches of a construction site that is very close to our hearts:
the new center of Milan of the TOG Foundation – Together To Go Onlus will open Saturday, October 21. We are all invited to the opening. Follow us on IG for all the updates of the project that last year we dedicated an edition of “The ‘Ways’ to build. Site experiences” and that we supported with a fundraiser for the realization of a room for psychological support.

A global model for support and care.

A collaboration is ongoing with Fondazione TOG – Together To Go Onlus, committed to offering free care to children and young people affected by serious neurological diseases. Thus continues the happy tradition inaugurated with the team project completed with and for Emergency and Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Entebbe, Uganda for a firm, shared commitment to projects with significant social importance. The TOG Carlo De Benedetti centre, a hub covering more than 2,400sqm, designed to meet the needs of children and young people with disabilities, will be completed in Via Livigno, Milan, during 2023.
From a design viewpoint, the TOG architectural intervention by Ciro Noja working alongside studio Milan for the direction of works and the executive project, is characterised by fully glazed, curvilinear façades needing a high level of acoustic insulation, with values similar to those required for hospital facilities. Theatro’s network managed and solved the challenges thrown up by the project, due to the sheer complexity of the façade, with studies and trails that led to the creation of a mock-up. The custom façade – built for acoustic tests using the cluster building envelope solutions created by Thema, iGuzzini, Schüco, AGC, Pellini, Duravit, Florim – is now one of the protagonists of the new Build gallery.

New material hierarchies.

An energy-intensive building from the early 2000s has changed its skin and its core with a renovation intervention devised with a global approach: team work that has transformed an obsolete office building in Milan into incisive architecture with a bold personality. The creators of the intervention, wanted by SIC Sviluppo Immobiliare Corio, are architect, Stefano Belingardi Clusoni, founder of BE.ST Belingardi Stefano, design architect for the project and artistic director, and the team from L22 Civil Engineering, a Gruppo Lombardini22 brand which has planned, managed and made executive, the renovation project, coordinating architecture, systems, LEED certification, administrative practices, security and DL. The Theatro network of companies has acted as coordinator for the integrated design of the façade system, through the technical development of the full design package, definition of technical specifications with a turnkey approach, and the creation of an accurate, truthful overall budget. Theatro found the technical solutions for engineering and commissioning to implement the project by BE.ST Belingardi Stefano, taking part with the building envelope cluster that includes the expertise of partners Schüco, Thema, AGC and ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

From restoration to transformation.

On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary since its inauguration, the Rinascente in Piazza Fiume, Rome was subjected to a complex restyling intervention involving, in succession, the shell, facing and different floors so as to allow the normal continuation of retail activities. The restyling and urban improvement of the building designed by Franco Albini and Franca Helg in the period 1957 to 1961 were conceived in respect with the historic building. The focal point of the project is the intervention on the exterior by Studio 2050+ di Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, to which Theatro contributed with the joint involvement of four companies in its network – Thema, Schüco, AGC Flat Glass Italia and Resstende – in a balance between restoration and conversion, with architectural sensitivity and technical expertise. To show that the design is a concerted effort, requiring the collaboration of different skills and professional expertise, each floor has been designed by a different architectural firm. Studio 2050+ worked on the ground and sixth floors, wholly dedicated to food. The first and fourth level are the work of DWA Design Studio; the second and fifth were allocated to architect Paolo Lucchetta. The basement is by Florence-based firm, Fabbricanove, while the third floor was curated by Studio Wok.

Beautiful or rather, scandalously beautiful architecture.

Great human interest stories within a flood of ideas, people, techniques and intelligence
are woven together in the Children’s Surgical Hospital project in Entebbe. A “polyphonic work”, that of the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, the centre of excellence for emergency paediatric surgery in Uganda, designed by RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop, TAMassociati and Emergency. A virtuous example of good architecture and co-design that brings together ethics and aesthetics, and the first international visibility project with the active participation of the network of companies that make up Theatro. The hospital, which is set in large tree-filled gardens, is ready to provide free treatment to children needing surgery from all over Africa. The building is constructed in rammed earth, a traditional technique using raw earth which helps to guarantee thermal inertia, able to maintain constant temperatures and moisture levels. For the Ugandan hospital project, it was essential to form an effective and efficient operational team. Theatro was part of this team, coordinating the skills of some of its partner companies, able to develop custom solutions and working to simplify the project without losing any of the quality or performance. Six firms with six specific areas of expertise, working together under the coordination of Theatro, made it possible to complete a project that designers and the principle have called a “polyphonic work”, in which ethics and aesthetics come together with the shared aim of “simplifying without compromising on the quality of the end result”. The synergy between stakeholders in the project, who share expertise and work in coordination towards the same result, under the direction of Theatro, is an example of how collaboration brings the affirmation of quality architecture into being.

Theatro’s solutions for the Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa.

On the shores of Lake Como, the historic building of the Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa in Menaggio (Como) has undergone large-scale expansion and renovation works, carried out with the integrated consulting of Theatro placed at the service of the planning abilities of Studio Pè Architettura & Design to try out cutting-edge solutions in terms of wellness, comfort, and environmental quality. Preserving and making the most of the splendid historic architectural features, the intervention by Studio Pè Architettura & Design is based around ensuring seamless continuity between old and new, achieved through careful, well-thought out choices in terms of design, colour, and materials.
Franco Pè worked with Theatro and its new way of making architecture, based on synergy, experimentation and continued dialogue, and Theatro made expertise available from some of its own partner companies: AGC, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Resstende, Schüco Italia, Starpool and Thema. Once again the firms revealed themselves to be proactive, reliable partners, meeting the challenges offered by the project. So much so that the clients – R Collection Hotels, a Rocchi family hotel group – allowed plenty of freedom in terms of design and the possibility to try out bold, innovative solutions with a great aesthetic and performance impact.