YOUBUILT: The TOG Centre for children and young people with disabilities opened in Milan.

A few days ago, the new TOG Centre was inaugurated in Milan, an integrated and state-of-the-art technological centre for the specialist and free treatment of children and young people with serious neurological diseases.
The Theatro network has managed and solved the design challenges generated by a facade of such complexity with studies and experiments that have led to the creation of a mock-up of full-scale facade for the evaluation of acoustic performance.

Nuova Finestra: A special project that will not go unnoticed.

An in-depth article by Margherita Toffolon for La Nuova Finestra shines a light on the technical skills behind the renovation of a classic piece of 20th-century architecture, the Rinascente building in Piazza Fiume, Rome. From an identikit of the building to construction details about the doors and windows, this design project from the firm of Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli has been examined in painstaking detail through images and technical documents.

Arketipo: The restyling project of the Rinascente in Piazza Fiume Rome.

The joint and intense work on the façade envelope carried out by Thema, Schüco, AGC Flat Glass Italia and Resstende has led to the creation of some mockups in the Backstage of Theatro.
The strategic replacement of specific building components has thus restored the technical and spatial solutions that were part of the original project, adapting it to the needs of a contemporary department store.

The FuoriSalone 2023 preview in Casabella.

Theatro’s participation at Fuorisalone 2023 is in the April issue of Casabella. Theatro’s first Fuorisalone event is the exhibition Le Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco, dedicated to David Chipperfield’s restoration project described through Alessandra Chemollo’s photographs and scale models of the work. On the same days, the Tegel carpet collection designed by Chipperfield for Kasthall, a historic Swedish company and world leader in the production of carpets and textile coverings, was previewed in the courtyard at Via Vigevano 8.

Domus: The value of history and archives for the design world.

A Domus article talks in detail about the renovation project of Rinascente in Piazza Fiume, Rome. The description of the recent intervention by Studio 2050+ in conjunction with Theatro, is accompanied by an extract from Domus 389, published in April 1962, where Gio Ponti presents the work of Albini and Helg as a modern design project, not so far from the logic of industrial design, “a unitary expression that defines architecture as a form of civilisation, on a cultural, social and technological level”. It is in the interpenetration of these floors that Ponti interprets the expert skills of the two architects in this building, which 2050+ has revealed in an archaeological operation between the archive and the body of the architecture.