YOUBUILT: The TOG Centre for children and young people with disabilities opened in Milan.

A few days ago, the new TOG Centre was inaugurated in Milan, an integrated and state-of-the-art technological centre for the specialist and free treatment of children and young people with serious neurological diseases.
The Theatro network has managed and solved the design challenges generated by a facade of such complexity with studies and experiments that have led to the creation of a mock-up of full-scale facade for the evaluation of acoustic performance.


New Roman transfer for the Main Partners of Theatro Thema Italia, Schüco International Italia srl, Duravit AG, Resstende Srl, AGC Glass Europe, Schneider Electric that on 19 and 20 October participated in ITHIC Italian Hospitality Investment Conference, the first international conference entirely dedicated to investments in the hospitality sector in Italy organized by Teamwork Hospitality.

Visiting Theatro, the brands of Italian architecture

Theatro is increasingly consolidating itself as a reference point for the world of design. A fundamental component of this process is the constant strengthening of relations with renowned Italian architecture studios. We recently welcomed the visit of a group of designers from Park Associati and the architecture and engineering company J+S chose Theatro to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
On 15 September we had fifteen designers of the multidisciplinary studio Stefano Boeri Interiors with the aim of deepening the knowledge of all the potential put in field by our network of some of the companies operating in the field of interior design.
On 3 October, finally, several partners of the network participated in the meeting with Marta Olivieri, Associate Partner & Innovation Manager of the Brescia studio DVision Architecture and managing director of ODUElab, the division specialized in the development of innovative and regenerative solutions for the well-being of people in balance with the built environment. As the designer explained, although we spend more than 90% of our lives inside buildings, we still care very little about how much what we build can affect our behavior, thoughts and emotions and how these can then affect our sociality, concentration and productivity.

TOG openings!

We are busy with the finishing touches of a construction site that is very close to our hearts:
the new center of Milan of the TOG Foundation – Together To Go Onlus will open Saturday, October 21. We are all invited to the opening. Follow us on IG for all the updates of the project that last year we dedicated an edition of “The ‘Ways’ to build. Site experiences” and that we supported with a fundraiser for the realization of a room for psychological support.